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shiningempty's Journal

Your End
8 March
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She said i wish i was a man,
And i said so do i
\m/, a long winter, against me!, aim, alexisonfire, american football, american nightmare, armor for sleep, as the sun sets, at the drive-in, bear vs. shark, beer, beloved, best interest, black hood mafia, botch, boys night out, brand new, brandtson, bright eyes, chillen, chiness food, codeseven, coheed and cambria, comeback kid, comfortable silence, converge, counterfit, cs/zfdnafnudcng!!! crew, cuddling, dashboard confessional, daughters, death cab for cuite, dillinger escape plan, discordance axis, dreaming, dvd's, ed gein, elliot, every time i die, explosions in the sky, fairweather, family guy, fight club, fire, fordirelifesake, friends, further seems forever, gbh, godspeed you black emperor!, guitar, hoodies, hopesfall, hot cross, hot rod circuit, hugs, in pieces, independant films, intellegence, jedi mind tricks, jimmy eat world, keepsake, kfc, kite flying society, late night walks, laughing, loathing school, love, making out, mars volta, mindless self indulgance, music, necro, off minor, on broken wings, orchid, pearl jam, pictures, planes mistaken for stars, reading, refused, rise against, saetia, sarcasum, saves the day, saying random crap, sex, shai hulud, shows, sleep, smashing pumpkins, sparta, sunny day real estate, taken, taking back sunday, the acacia strain, the blood brothers, the casualties, the early november, the get up kids, the locust, the miracle of 86, the rocking horse winner, the sky, this day foward, thursday, two thirty eight, underage till death, underoath, undying, unearth, until the end, video games, walls of jericho, wendys, writing, yaphet kotto, yellowcard